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The Best Cat Food – an Overview

You love your cat as a member of the family. You intuitively know that finding the best cat food is critical for good health and long life.

But with so many brands, and so many advertising messages, how does one go about identifying the best cat food?

First, it is critical to recognize that the very idea of feeding only one "best" cat food is flawed. For decades Wysong has been exposing the dangers of feeding one diet exclusively to companion animals. If health is to be achieved, variety is a must. Just as you would not eat one food meal after meal, day after day, neither should your cat – regardless of how supposedly "complete and balanced" the food is.

So, from a logical perspective, the "best cat food" can only be the method of feeding a variety of dry, canned, and raw cat diets, as well as augmenting the diet with supplements and fresh whole foods.

Navigate the above links to view Dr. Wysong's thirty years of experience and perspective on the criteria to determine the best cat food in each product category, and see how Wysong has designed and formulated our products according to these sets of criteria.

Whether you choose Wysong products or another company's, when determining what  the best food for your cat is, information is key. You can find what you need to know here.